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Mueller Is Demanding WH Docs On Trump’s Oval Office Meeting With Russian Officials: Report

According to a New York Times report released on Wednesday, special counsel Robert Mueller is now looking into the actions Trump has taken as president so far, this includes looking at documents from the infamous Oval Office meeting with White House officials where Trump reportedly said firing former FBI Director James Comey relieved “pressure” he felt from the Russia investigation.

Mueller and his team have “asked the White House for documents about some of President Trump’s most scrutinized actions since taking office, including the firing of his national security adviser and FBI director,” according to the Times.

Mueller is mostly interested in finding out what happened in the meeting Trump had with Russian government officials in the Oval Office on the day that he fired Comey.

But that’s not all Mueller is seeking. According to the Times, Mueller is also looking for documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to fire former National Security Advisers, as well as “documents about how the White House responded to questions from The Times about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.”

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