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Mueller Now Looking Into Trump’s Ties To Russia Prior To Announcing His Presidential Run: Report

Special counsel Robert Mueller is now looking into Donald Trump’s business and financial ties to Russia prior to his presidential run, according to two sources.

According to two sources who spoke with CNN, Mueller is investigating Trump’s ties to Russia specifically at the time leading up to when he decided to run for president.

The two sources told CNN that Mueller is asking questions that “included the timing of Trump’s decision to seek the presidency, potentially compromising information the Russians may have had about him, and why efforts to brand a Trump Tower in Moscow fell through.”

According to one source, Mueller is interested in learning specifically what led Trump to run for president “and how that coincided with his business venture.”

The two sources that spoke with CNN also said that Mueller and his team are investigating the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow as well.

Trump tried attacking the media earlier this month by saying that Russia did not know about his presidential run.

Be careful what you wish for Mr. Trump.

Watch the CNN story in the video clip below:

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