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Mueller Served Trump With a Subpoena a Day Prior to His Racist Rant: Report

While the nation was distracted by the drama created by President Trump’s response to the white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville, it has been reported that Special Counsel Robert Muller has served Trump with a subpoena as the Russia investigation expands to his business empire.

The report came from former U.S. Secret Service “Special Investigator”, Pesach Lattin, who revealed that the President was actually served a subpoena.

“Source in WH has told me that Trump Co and Trump as CEO, has been served with subpoenas yesterday by Mueller and he is furious,” Lattin wrote on Twitter.

Mueller is reportedly digging into possible financial ties that the President and the Trump Organization have had with Russia. If Lattin’s source is accurate, this would certainly give credibility to the idea that Trump loves to divert attention from his legal matters and confirm the public’s suspicion that the Trump Organization is under a lot of scrutiny by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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