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Mueller To Manafort: Expect Indictment


Mueller To Manafort: Expect Indictment

A new report reveals that prosecutors on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team told former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that he would be indicted.

The warning to Manafort came as Mueller’s team raided the former campaign manager’s home, where they looked through computer files, documents and any other potential pieces of evidence that could help them in their federal investigation, according to two people close to the investigation that spoke to the New York Times.

Manafort has become a key figure in the ongoing Russia investigation. There is reason to believe the Manafort was involved with the Russian government in helping Trump win the presidential election, this includes his lobbying work overseas and other previous business transactions.

The Times tried reaching Mueller’s spokesman and Manafort’s lawyers, but both declined to comment on the issue.

On Monday it was also reported by CNN that Manafort was wiretapped by the government during and after the 2016 presidential election.

As of now, Manafort has not been charged with any crimes.

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