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Nadler Just Stomped The WH’s Plan To End Investigations Into Trump

The Trump administration is attempting anything it can in order to stop Congressional investigations into the president of the United States. But on Thursday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler pushed back on the White House’s demands.

Nadler sent a letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Thursday blasting the lawyer for failing to fully understand “the gravity” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative findings.

“As a threshold matter, your failure to comprehend the gravity of the Special Counsel’s findings is astounding and dangerous,” Nadler wrote.

“The Mueller Report found that Russia interfered in our elections and outlined our nation’s acute vulnerability to another attack. The Special Counsel also found that the President engaged in multiple acts to exert undue influence over law enforcement investigations.”

Nadler’s letter comes a day after Cipollone accused the Judiciary committee of “harassing and seeking to embarrass political opponents after an exhaustive two-year investigation by the Department of Justice did not reach the conclusion that some members of the Committee apparently would have preferred,” arguing that “the appropriate course is for the Committee to discontinue the inquiry discussed in the March 4 letter.”

Nadler on Thursday, however, said Mueller’s report makes it clear that further investigation is warranted, and said that Cipollone’s requests place Trump “above the law.”

“The Administration’s position that the President cannot be indicted by the Department of Justice, and that Congress cannot investigate him, effectively places the President above the law. That claim, like your demand that the Committee ‘discontinue its inquiry,’ is inconsistent with the most basic principles underlying our constitutional system of government,” Nadler said.

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