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Napolitano Says Dems Should Reopen Impeachment Inquiry: ‘There’s New Evidence And Perhaps New Articles’


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano urged Democrats in the House of Representatives on Monday to reopen their impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump and consider drafting additional articles of impeachment after new evidence surfaced.

In an interview with host Bill Hemmer, Napolitano pointed to newly released emails showing that Trump was directly ordering the hold on military aid to Ukraine as fresh evidence that he was trying to extort the country until it agreed to launch an investigation into prospective 2020 rival Joe Biden.

“If I were a Democrat in the House, I would be moving to reopen the impeachment on the basis of the newly acquired evidence, these new emails of people getting instructions directly from the president to hold up on the sending of the funds,” Napolitano said. “That would justify holding onto the articles of impeachment, because there’s new evidence and perhaps new articles.”

Republicans in the Senate have argued that withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate is unconstitutional. But according to Napolitano, if Democrats open a new impeachment inquiry with the newly discovered evidence, it would justify the withholding of the articles.

Take a look at Napolitano’s comments below:

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