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National Security Expert Exposes Trump, Provides Evidence Showing He’s A Russian Agent

Max Boot, a conservative writer and national security analyst, wrote for The Washington Post on Monday providing key evidence that shows Donald Trump may be working against U.S. interest.

According to the report, Boot found 18 reasons to believe Trump is working with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In the report, Boot summarized the president’s business dealings with Russia, and listed numerous examples of Trump siding with Putin against U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and listed other examples of his strange and troubling behavior regarding the foreign adversary.

“I can’t think of anything that would exonerate Trump aside from the difficulty of grasping what once would have seemed unimaginable: that a president of the United States could actually have been compromised by a hostile foreign power,” Boot wrote.

Boot also shut down Trump’s claim that he has been “tougher” on Russia than any other president before him. The conservative writer noted that most of the measures taken against Russia came from Congress or Trump administration officials and that the president was “furious” over there measures.

“This is hardly a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ case that Trump is a Russian agent — certainly not in the way that Robert Hanssen or Aldrich Ames were,” Boot wrote. “But it is a strong, circumstantial case that Trump is, as former acting CIA director Michael Morell and former CIA director Michael V. Hayden warned during the 2016 campaign, ‘an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation’ (Morell) or a ‘useful fool’ who is “manipulated by Moscow” (Hayden).”

“If Trump isn’t actually a Russian agent, he is doing a pretty good imitation of one,” he added.

You can read the entire piece HERE.

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