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Navy Calls For Investigation After Trump Flag Was Spotted On Military Convoy


Navy Calls For Investigation After Trump Flag Was Spotted On Military Convoy

Today something unusual was caught on camera in a Kentucky highway. A blue Trump flag was displayed on a military convoy while it was traveling between two military training areas.

Steve Thompson, the man who captured the convoy on video stated “ I just thought it was just a bunch of military vehicles. I was surprised because I figured you wouldn’t be able to fly anything on a Humvee other than an American flag.”

Mr. Thompson is very much right.

“Department of Defense and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display,” said Navy Public Affairs Officer Lt. Jacqui Maxwell. “The flag shown in the video was unauthorized.”

“Naval Special Warfare strives to maintain the highest level of readiness, effectiveness, discipline, efficiency, integrity, and public confidence,” the statement continued. “To this end, Naval Special Warfare leaders are committed to thoroughly and impartially investigating all non-frivolous allegations of misconduct. Where misconduct is present, the Naval Special Warfare commander responsible for ensuring good order and discipline within his unit will make a disposition decision as to the appropriate administrative and/or disciplinary action, if any.”

Chris Rowzee, a 28-year Air Force veteran who serves as the group’s spokeswoman, expressed her feelings about the display being disturbing to members of the military and the public and raises “all kinds of red flags.”

Members of the military take an oath to the Constitution, not political figures, she said.

“The military is absolutely prohibited from demonstrating any sort of partisan political activity or support towards a party, political campaign or a candidate,” Rowzee said. “The bottom line is the public has to trust that the military is non-political and that it’s not going to back someone who might try to become some sort of a dictator.”

“Our military has a long history of that sort of security with the public and this sort of activity undermines that trust,” she added.

Even U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor, who is a former Navy SEAL and Trump supporter believed this action to be inappropriate. Stating that “it’s very clear that you should not be doing that, that they shouldn’t be involved in politics, overtly in their military capacity.”

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