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Navy Vets Utterly Destroy ‘Coward And Liar’ Trump Ahead Of His Big Naval Academy Speech: ‘He’s No Leader’

Just hours before President Donald Trump’s scheduled commencement speech at the United States Naval Academy graduation ceremony on Friday, two Navy vets lambasted the president as a “coward and a liar” while encouraging the graduates in attendance to ignore everything he says.

In a blistering op-ed written for the Baltimore Sun, USNA graduates Daniel Barkhuff and William Burke write about men who are true profiles in courage who could give Navy grads real advice on their future careers — and they contrast them unfavorably with Trump.

“James Stockdale chose to smash his own face in with a stool rather than give ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy,” they write, describing Stockdale’s capture and imprisonment during the Vietnam War. “In the early years of Stockdale’s seven-year imprisonment, the current president of the United States was enjoying the comforts of Wharton Business School, having received four draft deferments to attend college (he received another after graduation for supposedly having bone spurs in his heels).”

The servicemen go on to list other courageous actions taken by Naval Academy graduates over the years — and then compare them with the actions taken by Trump, who was busy at the time cheating on this three wives and being a reality TV game show host.

“Contrast this to the personal and professional honor of the sitting president of the United States, who time and again makes small choices guided by self-interest, ego, impulse and immediate self-gratification,” they write. “He could never do what we ask our U.S. Naval Academy graduates to do. He is a physical coward, a liar and no leader at all.”

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