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Neo-Nazis Celebrate Republican Endorsement Of Anti-Semite Author Who Views Jews As ‘Enemy Of Whites’


Neo-Nazis Celebrate Republican Endorsement Of Anti-Semite Author Who Views Jews As ‘Enemy Of Whites’

Neo-nazis and other white supremacist groups are celebrating after Paul Nehlen, a Republican congressional candidate running to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan, promoted the work of a white nationalist academic that portrays Jews as the “enemy of whites.”

Nehlen, who stumped for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, is being lauded by neo-Nazi and white nationalist commentators for endorsing Kevin MacDonald’s book, The Culture of Critique and embracing “alt-right” language and memes online.

Nehlen’s apparent open embrace of Jewish conspiracies currently puts him in a league of his own on the far-right end of the spectrum, Newsweek reports.

“I hope everyone is praying for Nehlen,” Jared Wyand, an anti-Semitic poster on the social network Gab wrote Wednesday morning, suggesting that the Republican candidate had exposed himself to danger by coming out with his beliefs. “Absolutely heroic.… Everyday I read his page in pure amazement of [what he’s doing on] Twitter.”

One white nationalist account replied to Wyand by writing, “Saint Nehlen.” Another far-right account jokingly described the Republican as a “God emperor.” Another anonymous account took criticism of Nehlen as evidence that “Jews are your enemy,” referring to whites.

As noted by Yahoo News, “Nehlen’s endorsement anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideas has worried rights’ groups and the backlash against him keeps growing.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and others took to Twitter to point out the subtext of what Nehlen was doing.

Nehlen was a favorite of Breitbart News’s Steve Bannon when he ran against Paul Ryan for the same seat in 2016. He was walloped at the polls, getting only 15 percent, according to Newsweek.

Both Nehlen and the Republican Party declined a Newsweek request for comment.

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