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Nearly Half Of US States Are Now Suing Trump Administration For Allowing 3D Printed Guns To Be Sold

On Friday, eleven more states joined in suing the Trump administration to block a settlement that allows people to buy blueprints for 3D printed guns through the internet that will give people easy access to guns.

This makes it nineteen states and D.C. who have joined in suing the Trump administration and the group Defense Distributed to block the selling of 3D gun blueprints on the internet.

The blueprints for the 3D printed guns were set to hit the online market on Tuesday, but a federal judge issued a nationwide junction to block the blurprints from becoming available just hours before they were set to hit the public.

According to BBC, despite the judge’s block, the Defense Distributed site uploaded some of the blueprints last Friday which have already been downloaded thousands of times.

Surprising enough, Trump tweeted this week that he didn’t see the reason for having 3D printed guns, claiming that it “doesn’t make much sense.”

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley on Thursday said the Trump administration “will continue to look at all options available to us to do what is necessary to protect Americans while also supporting the First and Second amendments.”

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