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Neo-Nazi Leader ‘Based Stickman’ Facing Serious Jail Time For Felony Assault On Counter-protesters

Neo-Nazi organizer Kyle Chapman, who became the face of intimidation for threatening anti-Trump protesters with a lead baton, is facing serious jail time, Berkeleyside News reported Friday.

According to the report, Chapman faces a felony charge that could carry a heavy sentence related to a March 4 protest arrest in Berkeley, California, where he was seen striking people with his lead baton.

“Based Stickman” was so popular among Internet alt-righters, someone wrote a comic book about him.

Chapman “was involved with multiple altercations with many people,” the report said. The officer also wrote that he saw Chapman walk by the police station during the riot, holding the stick, which was later seized during his arrest.

Chapman’s arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 25. He could go to prison for up to a year if convicted and would be ineligible for probation due to prior convictions.

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