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Neo-Nazi Trump Supporters Just Initiated An Attack on Jews


Neo-Nazi Trump Supporters Just Initiated An Attack on Jews

Thanks to Trump, white supremacists have come out of their shell and are not afraid to show their hate towards basically everyone. Now they are discovering the consequences for their hateful rhetoric, and because of it, they are lashing out against innocent Americans.

Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi white nationalists who quoted Nazi propaganda and yelled out “Hail Trump,” is shocked and upset that his mother’s real estate business is suddenly losing costumers who don’t want to support that type of hate.

Andrew Anglin, the editor of the fascist, racist, hate-filled Daily Stormer, felt as if he needed to call for a harassment campaign targeting the “Jews” of Whitefish, Montana, because they are a “vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths” that are trying to take away money from Sherry Spencer.

Andrew Anglin at a Nazi rally -  Imgor

Andrew Anglin at a Nazi rally – Imgor

According to several news outlets, Anglin went on to post phone numbers, email addresses, and even Twitter handles of random Whitefish residents who were “harassing” Sherry Spencer. He specifically targeted the members of the Love Lives Now community, saying that they are a “terrorist” organization. “So then, let’s hit em up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?” asked Anglin.

He’s even targeting children who are obviously not involved, posting pictures of them with yellow stars stamped on them, The Missoulian reported.

Chairman Will Randall of the Love Lives Now community told the Missoulian that he’s used to this since he commonly draws the ire of hate groups. “But when your own personal friends are affected, it’s gut-wrenching,” he said. “These are some of the best people around, and to see them attacked because they’re Jewish or have a Jewish-sounding name is disgusting.”

This is what Trump America looks like and it’s not pretty. It’s a place where hate seems to conquer all and innocent children are being targeted for being members of a certain religion. There is no excuse for this. This should be extremely alarming to all of us.

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