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New Damaging Report Exposes Trump For Attempting To Get With One Of Epstein’s Girls: ‘She’s Not For You’

The New York Times published a report on Monday that put Donald Trump and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in the same room when the now-president tried to get with one of Epstein’s former associates.

The Times interviewed Maria Farmer, who worked for Epstein, and she recalled a time she had a disturbing interaction with Trump.

According to the report, two sisters named Maria and Annie Farmer both allege that longtime Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell made inappropriate physical contact with them 24 years ago.

The story is mostly about the sisters’ unsuccessful efforts to get law enforcement officials to believe their stories about the inappropriate behavior that Epstein and Maxwell exhibited toward them.

But it wasn’t just Epstein and Maxwell who were involved in the incidents.

While recounting her story, Maria Farmer recalls once seeing Trump in Epstein’s office. She tells the Times that Epstein at one point during the meeting caught Trump “eyeing” her and then abruptly told him, “She’s not for you.”

The sisters were 25 and 16 at the time.

Farmer’s mother, Janice Swain, tells the Times that she recalls Maria telling her about this interaction shortly after it happened.

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