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New Emails Expose Sarah Sanders, She Lied About The Pentagon Being ‘Fully Aware’ Of Trump’s Threat To Syria


New Emails Expose Sarah Sanders, She Lied About The Pentagon Being ‘Fully Aware’ Of Trump’s Threat To Syria

BuzzFeed News obtained newly uncovered emails on Wednesday that exposed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of being a liar. The emails show that the Pentagon was entirely unaware that Donald Trump appeared to draw a new “red line” in Syria last summer, despite Sanders saying otherwise.

BuzzFeed News obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request applied for by the Democracy Forward watchdog group.

The emails confirmed what has been speculated for over a year, that the Pentagon was fully unaware that Trump threated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his alleged use of chemical weapons on his own people.

“I have nothing,” Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman, told reporters via email in the newly-released documents. “I suppose we send queries back to the White House,” he told Pentagon press officers in another.

Dana White, the spokesperson for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, emailed a Breitbart reporter just a day after it was speculated that the Pentagon knew nothing of the threat.

“DOD knew about the White House statement and provided edits in advance of its release,” White’s email to Breitbart read. “Anonymous leaks to the contrary are false or misinformed.”

Shortly after, Breitbart ran a story touting its scoop, BuzzFeed noted, and soon after, Sanders told reporters that “the military chain of command was also fully aware of the statement as it was being prepared and later released.”

According to BuzzFeed, the emails predating White and Sanders’ statements offer the impression that they were lying about the broken channels of communication being “leaks.”

“These new documents reveal what the administration has actively denied all along: the White House failed to consult military officials before issuing a statement on a potential Syrian chemical attack last year,” Democracy Forward director Anne Harkavy said. “Worse yet, administration officials lied when questioned by reporters. How can we trust an administration that lies about the potential use of chemical weapons?”

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