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New Evidence On Trump’s Hush Money Plot Is An impeachable Offense: CNN Panel

Donald Trump campaign finance violation

New evidence showing that President Donald Trump was heavily involved in the plot to keep his affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels secret before the 2016 election concluded that it is one more impeachable offense, a CNN panel said on Friday.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, CNN contributor Errol Louis said that the newly revealed texts messages and phone-calls between former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and Trump aide Hope Hicks prove that the then-candidate was in the thick of it before the election.

“He did know, Errol,” host Berman explained. “All the evidence is he knew. There’s all these phone calls, there are the checks. There’s Michael Cohen’s testimony. The evidence says the president was lying to the American people.”

“Frankly you can see it in his demeanor in the clip you just showed,”Louis replied. “You say that guy’s not telling the truth. The president has lied to the American people that, by the way, is an impeachable offense. You look at the list of particulars in past impeachments — it includes misleading the public in this way.”

“We now have somebody [Cohen] sitting in prison who has said over and over again and who, in fact, has recordings to back him up sort of saying this was all done at the behest of, in collaboration with, and for the benefit of Donald Trump,” he added.

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