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New GOP-Friendly Pollster Shows Democrats Crushing Republicans Among Suburban Voters: Poll

This week, a poll conducted by GOP firm Echelon Insights on behalf of political nonprofit organization N2America found that Democrats are leading Republicans in crucial areas that helped Democrats take over the House in 2018.

According to The Washington Examiner, that poll found that “suburban voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by 20 percentage points on healthcare, an issue they rank higher than the economy, and by more than 15 points on prescription drug pricing.”

According to the report, one important factor that is weighing down the GOP’s standing on health care has been the Trump administration’s continued efforts to unravel the Affordable Care Act – especially its protections for people who have preexisting conditions.

“Forty-eight percent of suburban voters are ‘highly worried’ about losing current federal insurance protections for preexisting medical conditions,” the Examiner reports. “Trump has worked hard to counter Democratic claims that he would repeal this regulation, which was codified under Obamacare, a law the president is still vowing to undo.”

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