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New Poll Delivers Terrible News For Trump And GOP


New Poll Delivers Terrible News For Trump And GOP

The GOP popularity “is in freefall,” according to a new poll released Thursday. Registered voters are increasingly turning away from the Republican Party and looking to the Democrats to solve America’s biggest problems, the survey found.

The poll, conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today, shows that 62 percent of respondents now have an unfavorable view of the GOP, a 7-point jump in unpopularity for the party since the same poll in June. Just under half, 48 percent, feel the same way about the Democrats.

The survey found that 43 percent of voters look to congressional Democrats to protect families when it comes to health care, compared to 15 percent who trust President Trump on health care, and less than 10 percent who say the Republican Party should lead the way.

“The Republican Party is in freefall,” said Suffolk University poll director David Paleologos. “In March the GOP had a 48 percent unfavorable rating, in June the negative swelled to 55 percent. Today the GOP unfavorable is 62 percent. What’s next?”

And when it comes to president Trump, more than half of Americans say Trump has not delivered on his promises.

But it gets worse. Nearly 57 percent of Americans say they want to see a Democratic Congress elected in 2018 who will stand up against Trump, while just 33 percent want Congress to cooperate with Trump and his legislative agenda.

Trump’s unfavorable rating has climbed two points to 57 percent since the last poll. Just over a third, 34 percent of Americans, say they view Trump and his administration favorably.

Almost two-thirds of the country, 64 percent, say America is on the wrong track. That number has jumped 8 percent since June.

You can read the Suffolk University/USA Today poll here.

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