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New Poll Delivers Terrible News For Trump: Majority Of Voters Want To Impeach Him And Wish Obama Was President

According to a newly released poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, more voters want to impeach Trump than keep him in office, and a vast majority of voters wish that Barack Obama was still the president.

“Only 42% of voters think he’s honest to 53% who say he isn’t, and by a 49-44 spread voters outright call him a liar. Just 39% think he’s delivered on his signature promise to ‘Make America Great Again,’ to 54% who don’t think he has. Voters still narrowly want to impeach him, 45/44, and they wish Barack Obama was still President instead of him 52-43,” According to the PPP survey.

Recent polls that show Trump got a small bump from the tax cut scheme, but but those surveys were done before the stock market crash, and the Rob Porter story began to dominate the news.

Without any other major legislation in 2018, Republicans are going to crumble along with their house of cards once people realize that their taxes were not cut, but inflation and the price of everything from food to gas to put in the car to get work has gone up.

Republicans played their big card. They cut taxes, and voters still want to impeach Trump.

Sadly, Obama can’t come back, but the demand for him is great news for Democrats considering a 2020 run.

The poll also found that Democrats lead Republicans by 8 points on the generic congressional ballot nationwide.

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