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New Poll Shows A 10-Point Increase In Support Of A Trump Impeachment


Donald Trump is increasingly getting more and more unpopular as more revelations about the whistleblower scandal surface. The latest poll released on Monday by Quinnipiac showed that the support for impeaching Trump has increased by ten points in just a five-day period.

Just last week, 57 percent of people surveyed opposed impeaching the president, while 37 percent approved of impeachment. Now, according to the poll, it is at a tie with 47 percent of voters approving of impeachment and disapproving of impeachment.

The shift is largely driven by increased support of impeachment among Democrats, who support it 90 percent to 5 percent in the newest poll, up from 73 percent to 21 percent last week.

Support for impeachment and removal also increased among independents, from 58 percent to 34 percent opposed to only 50 percent to 42 percent opposed.

Not only are voters wanting Trump impeached, but many(56%) believe Trump thinks he is above the law.

“Despite the fact that the impeachment inquiry is just getting underway, half of American voters already believe that President Trump has done something wrong when it comes to his interactions with Ukraine’s leader. Of that group, there’s a virtually unanimous view he did something seriously wrong,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Mary Snow said.

The poll is the latest of several to show increased support for impeachment since the inquiry was announced. It was conducted among 1,115 self-identified registered voters using landlines and cell phones. It has a 3.6-point margin of error.

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