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New Report Just Blew The Lid Open On Trump’s Obstruction Of Justice Case

On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee released two reports related to the ongoing Russia interference investigation. According to Slate, the minority report released by the House reveals new evidence that Donald Trump obstructed justice.

According to slate, the minority report—produced by Democrats—revealed a testimony by former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe that could prove Trump obstructed justice.

The reason the majority report does not include the same information as the minority report is that “Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes appears not to have had any interest in investigating the obstruction issue,” Slate reports.

So what does the report reveal that proves Trump might have obstructed justice?

According to Slate, “One of the most important revelations is that Baker and FBI Director James Comey’s chief of staff James Rybicki listened in on Comey’s side of at least some phone conversations with the president, in which Trump reportedly attempted to alter the course of the Russia investigation.”

“(Jim) Rybicki and (Jim) Baker also heard Comey’s side of phone conversations with the President, in real time,” the minority report states.

Both Comey and McCabe testified saying that Trump threatened Comey in a phone conversation on April 11. According to the report, the president said he wanted Comey to lift the cloud, “because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.”

McCabe testified to Schiff saying that he wasn’t 100 percent sure what that was” but interpreted it as “a veiled threat.”

Slate offered a transcript of McCabe’s testimony:

SCHIFF: And in this case, the veiled threat would be against Director Comey?

MCCABE: That’s correct.

SCHIFF: Along the lines of, I the president have been very loyal to you. I want you to lift the cloud. Otherwise, I might be less loyal to you. Is that the—

MCCABE: That’s correct.

SCHIFF: That was the impression of Director Comey?

MCCABE: It was his and my impression.

The minority report went on to reveal that both Comey and McCabe were also concerned “that the president was threatening to take action against McCabe if the FBI director did not lift the cloud of the Russia investigation.”

Rep. Schiff again asked McCabe to clarify:

SCHIFF: That if the Director didn’t lift the cloud of the Russian investigation, that he would take action against you?

MCCABE: That’s correct. That was my concern, and as I understand it, that was Director Comey’s concern as well.

The entire report can be read HERE.

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