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New Trump Policy Will Leave Thousands Of US Citizens Homeless If Their Parents Are Immigrants


New Trump Policy Will Leave Thousands Of US Citizens Homeless If Their Parents Are Immigrants

The Trump administration is sinking to a new low due to the xenophobia at the top. According to a new report, Trump’s White House is willing to send its own citizens to the streets if one of their parents is an undocumented immigrant.

White House Senior Advisor to the President and prominent white nationalist Stephen Miller is pushing for a new rule that would evict an estimated 55,000 legal U.S. residents or U.S. citizens who are children, over the immigration status of just one of their parents.

According to the Washington Post, Miller wants Secretary Ben Carson’s Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to evict families who have even just one undocumented immigrant living with them.

The Post reports “the agency’s analysis of the rule’s regulatory impact concluded that half of current residents living in households potentially facing eviction and homelessness are children who are legally qualified for aid.”

Carson also supports the new rule and said it would “make certain our scarce public resources help those who are legally entitled to it.”

Miller’s new rule, the Post adds, “would require every household member be of ‘eligible immigration status.’”

“HUD expects that fear of the family being separated would lead to prompt evacuation by most mixed households,” the agency’s analysis said, according to the Post. “Temporary homelessness could arise for a household if they are unable to find alternative housing.”

Those 55,000 children are living in approximately 25,000 households, of about 108,000 people – so 108,000 would be evicted, and possibly homeless.

The Trump administration is now going after the country’s own citizens just because their parents are immigrants. This is just flat out wrong!

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