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New Video Surfaces Showing National Monument Being Destroyed To Build Trump’s Wall


A new video surfaced on Monday that shows protected saguaro cacti at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument being destroyed by bulldozers as contstruction crews get the site ready for the building of Donald Trump’s border wall.

Kevin Dahl, the senior program manager for the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)in Arizona, shot footage of the iconic saguaro cacti — known for growing more than three arms — being moved by bulldozers.

Dahl spoke with Earther about the site he witness and described the feeling of “outrage” as he saw nature being destroyed for a divisive wall.

“We love these saguaros,” Dahl told the site. “The Tohomo O’odham [tribe], in their taxonomy of life saguaros are very close to humans. And you know, they have a majestic presence, they are the iconic symbol of this part of the world. You know you’re someplace different when you’re in a saguaro forest.”

The species in the park are protected by federal law, so crews are moving saguaros technically within a 60-foot strip of land called the Roosevelt Reservation that the government has access to for border protection, according to Earther.

The Army Corps of Engineers released a video last month saying that the saguaros and other types of cacti were being relocated to another area considered part of their natural habitat.

“There may be misconceptions that were are on a construction site and just not caring for the environment and just proceeding with work as planned,” a project engineer said in the clip. “This isn’t true. We’re taking great care to take care of the protected species.”

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