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New York Dems Are About To Take Trump Down And He Can’t Do Anything About It

Donald Trump continues to do everything in his power to keep his tax returns from being released to the public. But that’s about to change.

A new report by The New York Times revealed that Democrats in the New York state legislature are trying to get his state-level returns in a different way:

The Times reported: “Under a bill that is scheduled to be introduced this week, the commissioner of the New York Department of Taxation and Finance would be permitted to release any state tax return requested by leaders of three congressional committees for any ‘specific and legitimate legislative purpose.’”

According to State Sen. Brad Hoylman, this bill was designed with Trump in mind, calling the legislation “a safety valve for any attempt by the White House to block the Congress from doing this at the federal level … we’re creating a parallel track.”

Trump won’t be able to stop his state taxes from being released and due to the Trump Organization being headquartered at Trump Tower in New York City, and because many of the Trump family’s business holdings are in New York, it is likely that the president’s state tax returns will contain most of the same information as his federal tax returns.

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