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NY Prosecutors Just Subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s Personal Pilots — And They Will Say What They Saw

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Following the arrest of Donald Trump’s longtime friend Jeffrey Epstein on charges of sex trafficking of minors, accusations have surfaced that Trump and Epstein used to throw wild parties together. Now, new revelations about subpoenas make clear the scandal is about to get a lot bigger.

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York prosecutors have subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots, and, unless they want to go to jail for contempt, they’re going to give up the names of everyone who flew with Epstein and testify about what they saw and whether there were underage girls on those flights.

In other words, if any of Epstein’s friends were involved in these underage sex trafficking crimes, it’s time for them to panic.

Of course, there’s more at play than just the pilots and what they saw. Earlier this week the New York Times reported that Deutsche Bank sold out Jeffrey Epstein to the Feds before his arrest. When you consider that Deutsche Bank spent years acting as Donald Trump’s favorite Russian money-laundering bank, it points to significant liability for Trump, one way or the other.

The news comes even as Jeffrey Epstein was found in the fetal position in his jail cell with injuries around his neck. It’s not yet clear if Epstein tried to take his own life, or if another inmate in protective custody assaulted him, or if Epstein staged the whole thing. But it is clear that Epstein understands just how much trouble he’s in, and you have to wonder if he’ll end up seeking a cooperating plea deal whereby he sells out his co-conspirators.

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