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Newly Found Evidence By U.S. Intelligence Identifies Russians Who Gave Emails To WikiLeaks

Donald Trump and his Republican teammates have tried to avoid speaking about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election that ultimately gave Trump the advantage. Trump has tried getting people to forget about the matter by say everyone should just “move on.” But some damaging evidence against Trump and his team has just come out during a senate hearing.

That announcement, along with many others including the subject of individual Russian spies helping to push Trump’s agenda, were laid out in a 50-page report which is highly classified.

“By October, it had become clear that the Russians were trying to help the Trump campaign,” said one official familiar with the full report speaking on the condition of anonymity because the complete version is Top Secret.

The U.S. intelligence agencies have captured evidence of Russian government officials celebrating Trump’s win on Election night. It was also disclosed that any of the decisions made by the Russian government came from the absolute top.

Another source of evidence, another official said, was that as time went by and the early leaks were shown all over the media that undermined or eclipsed Clinton’s campaign, the Russians began focusing their hacking “almost exclusively” on Democratic rather than Republican targets.

President Obama received a copy of the full report on Thursday. Donald Trump is said to receive a copy Friday. Seems like Trump is in for some news he does not want to hear. But surely, just likes he’s done before, he’ll deny any evidence that the U.S. intelligence have.

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