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Newly Hacked Emails Just Exposed The GOP


Why are Republicans so hung upon expanding security at the southern U.S. border? Is it because they want to protect Americans from crimes and drugs? That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Back in June, thousands of emails were hacked and stolen from Perceptics — a company that manufactures LPR cameras — and were published online. Now, according to The Intercept, those emails show that corporate lobbyists have been playing a role in why Republicans have been pushing for security-related technology near the U.S./Mexico border.

LPR stands for “license plate reader,” and Perceptics is a major provider of LPR cameras. Perceptics, earlier this year, sold LPR cameras to the federal government. And the hacked emails show how aggressively Perceptics lobbied Republican politicians to purchase the equipment.

According to the report, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee is one of those Republicans who purchased the equipment.

Fleischmann was exposed for working for Perceptics after he questioned Kevin McAleenan (who headed the Department of Customs and Border Protection at the time) during a House Appropriations Committee hearing and wanted to know if McAleenan was on schedule to implement an upgrade of LPR technology at the border — and in one of the hacked emails, a Perceptics lobbyist notified her team that Fleischmann had “asked about CBP’s plan to modernize its LPRs as we asked his office to do.” The email, Fang reports, even included a link to video clip of Fleischmann speaking to McAleenan during the hearing.

After the hack, the Department of Customs and Border Protection (CPB) suspended its contract with Perceptics.

Perceptics, according to The Intercept, was lobbying Republicans well before 2019. In June 2018, Lucia Alonzo (chief of staff for a lobbying firm Perceptics was working with, Ferox Strategies) discussed two immigration bills that former House Speaker Paul Ryan had planned votes on. Alonzo wrote, “In summary, we have ensured that BOTH of the immigration bills headed for votes in the House authorize $125 million for LPR modernization, adding more weight and urgency to our request for appropriations funding LPR modernization.”

You can read the entire report HERE.

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