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NIKE Just Put Trump In His Place With A Simple Message We Should All Abide By


NIKE Just Put Trump In His Place With A Simple Message We Should All Abide By

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a man of hate. He judges people based on their looks, their race, their ethnicity, and even their religion. He’s done so his whole life and has now brought it upon the world as he took over the most powerful office on the planet.

Nike decided to share a message with Trump and everyone who judges the way he does in hopes that they can see that we are all equal and deserve “equality.”

In their “Equality” commercial, athletes, actors, and artists appeared to share the message:

“Is this the land history promised? Here, within these lines, on this concrete court, this patch of turf. Here, you’re defined by your actions. Not your looks or beliefs. Quality should have no boundaries. The bonds we find here should run past these lines.”

The video ends with LeBron James stating what should be obvious, but to people like Trump it’s not.

“If we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere,” Lebron James says at the end.

The athletes and performers that acted in the video also shared their beliefs on why they think equality is important.

Alicia Keys answered with a simple response that makes absolute sense:

“Basically the opportunity to do anything and to have access to everything, and to not ever be held back or stopped from doing anything because you are different, or you believe something different, or you look different, or you love different, and it’s that simple. I don’t know why it seems so hard for people to get sometimes.”

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