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‘No Shutdowns, No Parades For You’: GOP Lawmaker Just Completely Destroyed Trump


‘No Shutdowns, No Parades For You’: GOP Lawmaker Just Completely Destroyed Trump

Republican Congressman Mike Coffman (Colo.) fired back at President Trump’s reported demand for a military parade and his professed willingness to allow a government shutdown over Dreamers.

“No shutdowns, no parades,” Coffman wrote on Wednesday. “We need to focus on what moves us forward – cleaning up the #VA, fixing #DACA, securing our borders, and growing wages.”

Coffman’s tweet came after media reports that top Pentagon officials, acting on a request from Trump, are in the early stages of planning for a military parade in Washington.

Daniel Bucheli, a spokesman for Coffman, told the Denver Post on Thursday that the congressman’s tweet took aim at the idea that a government shutdown would be, in any way, beneficial.

“The tweet was in reference to any notion, be it from the president or party leaders, that a shutdown would be productive for the American people,” Bucheli said.

Trump also said this week that he would “love to see” a government shutdown, if Democratic lawmakers refuse to take up his immigration proposal.

Lawmakers have until midnight on Thursday to pass a spending deal or face another shutdown – the second in a matter of weeks.

Senate leaders struck a long-term spending deal on Wednesday, one that would increase funding for both the military and domestic programs over the next two years and would move the government away from the short-term spending bills that have led to repeated concerns about government shutdowns.

You can read Coffman’s tweet below:

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