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A North Carolina Pastor Just Issued a Brutal Statement About Trump


A North Carolina Pastor Just Issued a Brutal Statement About Trump

In past elections, Christian voters were motivated by moral convictions and the perceived deterioration of traditional values. That’s why I’m puzzled by the surprisingly large number of self-identified Christians, especially evangelicals, who support Donald Trump and voted for him.

It would take a good bit more research and analysis than the current space permits to adequately understand this head-scratcher. But one thing is clear: Whatever the appeal of Trump to evangelicals might be, it is not due to these conventional stances. Now, a North Carolina pastor is calling out their hypocrisy.

Pastor John Pavlovitz is no stranger to controversy. He keeps a blog “Stuff that needs to be said” where he covers a myriad of topics and has garnered criticism for his politics and preaching.

“The GOP is not a pro-life, Christian party” and “Non-Republican Christians exist. I am one” are just a few of the titles of Pavlovitz’ pieces that have gone viral.

Pastor John Pavlovitz

Pastor John Pavlovitz. Image: John Pavlovitz

While Pavlovitz makes no secret of his politics or his feelings toward the president, this particular piece drew attention.

“It’s time we stopped calling Donald Trump a Christian” is the title of the piece in which Pavlovitz tears into Donald Trump’s fake Christian values:

“Sure, he was on his third marriage and was heard on video boasting of his infidelity to his current wife. Yes, he said he could grab a woman by the genitalia. Yes, he advocated that protesters at his rallies be “roughed up.” Sure, he made fun of a disabled man. Certainly, he talked about walling off Mexicans and banning Muslims and taking away healthcare—but Donnie loved Jesus now, so all should be well with our souls.”

“Enough is enough,” He Writes.

“Christians need to stop insisting that Donald Trump is a Christian if they really care at all about people coming to know Christ. If that is the greatest burden on their hearts, using this man is tantamount to spiritual treason. It is a perversion of the Gospels that provides such a dissonance to the bystander, as to make Christ all but invisible. Until he says or does anything that remotely resembling him, we need to stop using him and Jesus in the same breath because it distorts Jesus by association.”

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