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NOT OUR PRESIDENT: California Just Put Secession On The 2018 Ballot


NOT OUR PRESIDENT: California Just Put Secession On The 2018 Ballot

Donald Trump has been president for only seven days and he is already threatening to shatter the union.

According to several news reports, Californians have launched a campaign for their state to secede from the union so that they may form their own country.

Increasingly fed up with Trump’s authoritarian, hateful, ignorant, racist, and childish policies, California residents have started collecting signatures to put the initiative on the 2018 ballot.

The movement, entitled Calexit”, is being pushed by the “Yes California Independence Campaign,” LA Times reported.

Trump lost California by more than four million votes. If the 2018 ballot initiative passes, it would force a special election in 2019 where Californians would be allowed to alter California’s constitution by removing the language which says California is an “inseparable part of the United States and would remove the language which says the Constitution of the United States is the “supreme law of the land,” according to the LA Times.

As Occupy Democrats states, “California’s residents could potentially vote to change their constitution. They could then potentially vote to leave the United States. If and when this were to happen it is unclear how the federal government would respond, if either by force or by sanction.”

It’s not clear whether a California secession would be handled by the federal government, even if the state’s voters approved it.

The Trump’s administration has not yet commented on the initiative.

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