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‘Not Putting Up With Your Republican Bullsh*t’: Rand Paul Confronted At California Restaurant

A video has emerged online showing the moment two New Yorkers ridiculed Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul in a California restaurant Friday, with a woman declaring she won’t deal with his “Republican bullsh*t.”

In the video, one of the members of Paul’s entourage can be heard attempting to stop a man from asking questions as the man calmly requests to speak with the Republican lawmaker. That’s when a woman called out the Republican lawmaker.

“Stop being rude,” one of the members of Paul’s entourage is heard saying in the video posted to Youtube and Twitter Friday.

“I’m not being rude, he’s a public official, I have a right to speak to him,” the man can be heard calmly replying.

“All I am saying is that while you and I possibly, probably, don’t have much in common politically, right? We are Americans,” the man is heard telling Paul before the camera cuts to the woman who is also recording the exchange.

“You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we are not putting up with your Republican bulls**t!” the woman shouted into the phone with a characteristic East Coast accent.

Paul is on a book tour promoting “The Case Against Socialism.”

This is not the first time Paul has been confronted by other people. In fall of 2017, Paul was tackled by his Bowling Green, Kentucky neighbor over a lawn care dispute and had several ribs broken. He ultimately filed a lawsuit and pressed assault charges against Rene Boucher, who was arrested for having “blindsided” the Republican senator in the attack.

Watch the video below.

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