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NRA Chief Dismisses Vegas Massacre Because ‘Gun Laws Don’t matter’ In a Case Like This

As the death toll continues to raise following the mass shooting in Las Vegas early Monday, the head of Nevada’s NRA affiliate dismissed the biggest gun massacre in US history because “no laws could have stopped a gunman from killing scores and wounding hundreds of concertgoers in Las Vegas.”

Responding to a VICE News reporter request for comment on the tragedy, Don Turner, president of the Nevada Firearms Coalition, said:

“When someone has that kind of mentality, it doesn’t matter what kind of laws you have,” Turner said. “In the emotion of the moment, there’s a tendency to push anti-gun agendas. We need to find out what really happened.”

“The only restriction on magazine capacity in Nevada is how strong you are,” Turner told the reporter.

He added: “It’s not a reflection of the majority of gun owners in Nevada. NFC gun owners are dedicated to responsible and safe use of firearms. This is a tragedy.”

Turner’s insensitive comments on the shootings came before the NRA issued any sort of statement.

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