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Ted Nugent Calls Trump Supporters To Kill Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

For months, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly made comments that can be interpreted as a threat of violence against Hillary Clinton. Unsurprisingly, his supporters are doing the same.

In a new 8-minute ad released by the Donald Trump campaign featuring gun-toting singer/songwriter Ted Nugent, the GOP presidential nominee appeals to hunters, fishers, and 2nd-Amendment enthusiasts. The ad also showcases Trump-endorsing celebrities such as Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., and (of course) Sean Hannity and Trump himself.


What makes Nugent’s role unique is that, unlike the other endorsers, the famous Detroit rocker has a long track record of calling for the death of Hillary Clinton, drawing parallels between himself and Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton is against all these things,” Nugent says in the ad. “She will destroy freedom that is uniquely American. Donald Trump will safeguard the things that make America the greatest place in the world.”

Just recently, Nugent told a crowd of Trump supporters that both Obama and Clinton to “be tried for treason and hung.” Later, during a mid-concert rant, Nugent told Hillary Clinton: “Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these guns into the sunset, you worthless bitch.”

Ted Nugent ? facebook

Ted Nugent ? facebook

This is all just the tip of an overtly offensive iceberg for Nugent, who has had no qualms about sharing anti-Semitic imagery on his Facebook page and has bashed unarmed victims of police shootings as “so pathetic,” “embarrassing,” and “losers.”

Nugent’s repugnant and racist views are common denominator of the American right-wing. He has spoken of his “desire to shoot Senator Harry Reid.” That comment, which at the time Trump defended as mere “figure of speech,” triggered an investigation by the U.S. Secret Service.

The Trump campaign refused to comment on Nugent’s views and Trump’s association with the controversial musician. But Nugent has found a new political hero in Donald the GOP presidential nominee, and the Trump campaign is obviously happy to use his celebrity and notoriety to woo right-wing voters.

“Donald Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you’re going to get in politics,” Nugent said on a TV interview in January. The two do appear to agree quite a lot now on issues of immigration, political correctness, Islamist terror, and gun rights.

H/T: Daily Beast.

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