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NY Magazine Columnist Sounds The Alarm On Trump: ‘Never Been More Dangerous’

Eric Levitz, a columnist for New York Magazine, sent out a dire warning on Monday claiming that Donald Trump has “never been more dangerous” now that he knows he can get away with breaking the law.

“Taken together, Trump’s escalating authoritarianism and rising popularity make the present moment the most harrowing of his presidency thus far,” he writes. “With the anticlimactic end of the Mueller investigation, Trump learned that federal law enforcement cannot (or will not) hold him accountable for abuses of power. With his Senate acquittal, he secured confirmation that Congress won’t either.”

Levitz thinks Trump is also being emboldened by a divisive Democratic primary in which the president’s political rivals are all attacking one another instead of the man in the White House.

“The quicker Democrats can resolve their primary, the sooner they can redirect media attention toward Trump’s lawlessness, and their own focus toward the task of ensuring the president pays a belated price for that lawlessness come November,” he concludes.

You can read the entire column HERE.

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