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Obama Just Announce A HUGE Celebrity-Filled Goodbye Party At The White House

Donald Trump still can’t seem to find any A-list talent to play at his inauguration. He’s even said he’ll keep his speech short due to the lack of stars. It’s no surprise that many A-listers are denying to play for a man who ran his campaign on insulting basically everyone.

Trump, the man who talks so highly of himself, the man that loves to surround himself with celebrities to boost up his self esteem, is desperate to find top-notch talent. As Joy-Ann Reid notes at the Daily Beast, “the mad scramble by his team to secure famous players for his inaugural festivities coupled with his ad-hoc photo ops with a fading Jim Brown, a bizarre, unmedicated Kanye West and huckster-cum-murderer Don King makes Trump’s existential yearning clear.”

To make things even more frustrating for the incoming president, our current president, Barrack Obama, is planning his final White House party, filled with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Usher, Samuel L. Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bradley Cooper, and Directors J.J. Abrams and George Lucas.

The White House party will be paid by the Obama family themselves, according to the Washington Post. Just like they did when Prince played at the White House back in 2015.

This party will definitely anger and annoy Trump, and we can all take pleasure from that.

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