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Obama Goes Nuclear, Eviscerates ‘Supreme Court Saboteurs’

During a fiery speech in North Carolina, president Barack Obama blasted republicans for not filling the empty Supreme Court seat and called voters to reject the “Supreme Court saboteurs” by voting for Hillary Clinton.

The president took aim at state’s Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) who has vowed to leave the high court short-handed for four more years if Clinton is elected president.

“Eleven years ago, Richard Burr said a Supreme Court without nine justices would not work. Well, what changed?” Obama said. “What, only Republican presidents get to nominate judges? Is that in the Constitution? I used to teach constitutional law. I’ve never seen that provision.”

Screenshot / Youtube

Screenshot / Youtube

For over a year, Republican senators have refused to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, claiming the next president should appoint the judge. Now they are determined to not voting for anybody nominated by a Democrat, regardless of whether the American people chose that Democrat to be president.

But the president saw right through the Republican strategy.

“The reason they said they wouldn’t have a hearing or vote for my Supreme Court nominee, bucking all of American history, was because, ‘We thought the American people should decide the next Supreme Court justice,’” Obama told the crowd. “Now they’re saying, ‘Well, if they don’t decide the way we want them to decide, maybe we won’t even do that.’”

Democrats have been preparing for more GOP obstructionism on current and future judicial vacancies and may push the Senate to do away with the effective 60-vote standard for confirming a Supreme Court justice.

Here’s Obama’s full speech:

H/T: Huffington Post.

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