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Obama Shuts Down Trump’s Bad Advice, Tells Americans To Continue Social Distancing To Save Lives

Donald Trump is eager to open the country back up to improve his economy, even if it means people will die due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. He claims that by Easter he wants the country to go back to normal–despite being warned by health experts not to.

Fortunately, there are other presidents who take this situation seriously. On Wednesday, former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to share a message worth listening to.

He said the following while also sharing an article about the struggles healthcare workers have gone through during these times:

“These are the burdens our medical heroes already face in NYC. It’s only going to get harder across the country. Another reason to maintain social distancing policies at least until we have comprehensive testing in place. Not just for our sake—for theirs.”

We encourage you to follow what Obama is preaching here. We cannot let people die just to boost up the economy.

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