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Ohio Gov. Kasich Defies Trump, Offers Dreamers A Safe Ground In Ohio


Ohio Gov. Kasich Defies Trump, Offers Dreamers A Safe Ground In Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich condemned Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program while offering a home to all the Dreamers in his state.

“If the Dreamers want to go somewhere and live, come to Ohio,” he said.

“We want all the immigrants to come to Ohio because we know how much they contribute to America,” he said on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

Kasich went on to describe America as a melting pot, a place made up of immigrants.

Kasich added that Trump’s decision “is not the America that we all love.”

“I wouldn’t be in America if it wasn’t for immigration,” he said. “Who knows, maybe I’d be the president of Croatia.”

DACA was put into place by former Presiden Barack Obama after constantly urging Congress to pass immigration reform and getting denied. Obama took it into his own hands to help hundreds of thousands of people who were brought to this country as young children.

Obama gave them the chance for a higher education and a chance to live the American dream.

DACA, in the eyes of Trump and everyone who opposed it, was something unconstitutional and illegal. But, in the eyes of any humane person, DACA was a chance for young people to live the life they deserve.

“There can be no path to principled immigration reform if the executive branch is able to rewrite or nullify federal laws at will,” Trump said.

It is now up to Congress to pass legislation to help Dreamers obtain legal status.

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