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Oklahoma Couple Under Investigation After Trying To ‘Exorcise’ Their 7-Year-Old By Waterboarding Him

An Oklahoma couple is under investigation after being accused of torturing their son in an apparent attempt to “exorcise” him from his demons.

According to KFOR-TV, friends of the couple notified police after noticing welts on the 7-year-old boy’s head and body, along with bruises on his wrists.

According to Sgt. Gary Knight, of Oklahoma City Police, “Apparently, for whatever reason, the parents believe that one of the children may have been demon-possessed, and they were trying to perform an exorcism by waterboarding the child.”

The police reported that the couple had been text messaging their plans to exorcise their child.

Police said the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs when they questioned him, and they said he was acting erratic and paranoid.

The woman told officers they sometimes drugged the boy with “benzos and cough syrup.”

“There’s indication the child may have been beaten, abused, possibly given things to help them sleep or relax while this was all going on,” Knight said.

According to investigators, the child was “placed in a laundry basket and dropped kicked.”

“He had bruises, welts on his body, appeared that he had been struck and apparently abused, mentioned he had been kicked, injuries you’d expect would go along with that kind of behavior,” Knight said.

Witnesses also said they saw him “blindfolded, soaked in sweat and wearing a heavy coat.”

All children in the home have been taken into protective custody, but no arrests had been made over the weekend.

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