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Oklahoma Republican Condones Rape, Says Anti-Rape Movements Are ‘A Snowflake Thing’

We now live in a world where Republicans are okay with rape because the people protesting it are so-called “snowflakes.” The #MeToo campaigns are urging schools to teach consent as part of sex education, but one Oklahoma Republican has opposed the idea.

Democratic Rep. Jacob Rosecrants introduced a bill in his Norman, Oklahoma district to allow schools to teach consent as part of sex education, according to the Tulsa World. The bill comes from a woman in his district who told him that she’d been raped as a teen while “incapacitated” and that the male involved “said he didn’t know what consent is.”

The bill was opposed by Rep. Todd Russ (R-Cordell). He said:

“Help me understand what you mean by ‘healthy relationship.’ Is that like a snowflake thing?”

Rosecrants responded to the comment by reading the definition: “open and honest, … fundamentals include safe communications, healthy boundaries, speaking up if something is bothering you, respecting each other’s feelings and boundaries, compromising when disagreements arise … being supportive and encouraging and respecting each other’s privacy.”

The bill passed, but Oklahoma conservatives say that the new law goes against “Oklahoma values.”

Do they mean that that rape is an “Oklahoma value.” If so, there is something seriously wrong with Republicans.

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