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Olbermann Brings Up Question About Trump That Could Lead To His Impeachment


Olbermann Brings Up Question About Trump That Could Lead To His Impeachment

Keith Olbermann, host of “The Resistance,” had a few words to say about the scandal that has bursted into flames in the past week.

Olbermann noted that there’s enough evidence to arrest Donald Trump Jr. for meeting up with Russia attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

“Trump has now jumped on this bandwagon,” Olbermann argued, “beginning to rationalize that conspiring with an enemy nation is ‘just politics,’ while one of his own lawyers had inadvertantly opened the door to the prospect that Trump may have been indirectly involved with that meeting — or even have attended it.”

Despite Donald Trump saying his son met up with a Russian lawyer and not a Russia “government” lawyer, there’s evidence that proves Trump Jr. knew he was meeting with “an emissary of the Russian government,” Olbermann said.

The host went on to cite the Federal Election Commission filings that said Trump paid $50,000 to one of his son’s attorneys “two weeks before the Veselnitskaya story broke.”

“This would be legal if, and only if, the attorney was working on campaign matters,” Olbermann stated.

Olbermann said that Trump’s potential involvement in the meeting could constitute espionage. But not just that. Trump went on to say that his son’s meeting with Veselnitskaya was just about “adoption,” and that could constitute obstruction of justice.

So, is there enough evidence to impeach Trump now?

Watch the whole segment below:

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