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Olbermann Just Blasted Trump For Using Texas Trip As A Chance To Get His Face On TV

Keith Olbermann, host of The Resistance, took a jab at Donald Trump for using his trip to Texas on Tuesday as a ‘self-serving’ trip to boost his poll numbers.

Trump used his trip to Texas to compare the hurricane damage to “water damage” in his apartment building and he also boasted about crowd size while addressing a few supporters in Corpus Christi.

“Trump’s self-serving, wasteful, exploitational, resource-draining ill-conceived plan to travel to Texas in the middle of the nightmare there was beneath contempt,” he began. “But the tone-deafness, the disconnectedness, the cruelty, the inhumanity of Trump’s response to the situation in Houston and the entire area did not begin with this.”

Olbermann said of Trump, “It has become mind-numbingly clear that the man occupying the office of president of the United States has no human empathy to give, no understanding of tragedy, no concern for the lives of anybody in the nation except those he knows personally.”

Watch the segment below:

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