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On Behalf Of America, To The People Of The World: OPEN LETTER


On Behalf Of America, To The People Of The World: OPEN LETTER

To the people of the world: As an American citizen, as a human being, as a Christian, on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America, I apologize for what our country has become after the 2016 elections.

I apologize for the unforgivable actions of our current president.

Donald Trump doesn’t represent who we are as a nation. Not even close. Trump speaks for a distinct, ever shrinking, minority of Americans suffering from a widespread mental illness called conservatism.

This ailment is characterized by an inability to accept a changing world, a delusional memory of how things “used to be” and a strong emotional attachment to their beliefs.

When challenged with undeniable evidence that something they believe is wrong, they will feel attacked, get angry, and look for any source, even if it is fake news, that will allow them to continue believing what they so desperately want to believe.

The terrifying side effects have resulted in the most powerful country in the world now being ruled by an egomaniac “dictator-in-chief,” and complete control of the government in the hands of a pack of racist, corrupt individuals and war-mongering profiteers.

The White House is ruled by a man whose blatant disrespect for women, minorities, foreign leaders —including our closest allies— is an embarrassment for the majority of Americans.

This is not who we are.

The majority of Americans love people from every country and have welcomed them to our nation, which has been immeasurably enriched by their addition.

Mr. Trump is simply an aberration. An embarrassment to the human species. His time will pass. One hopes that sooner than later the United States will revert to being the open, friendly country that it is and aspires to be again.

Please don’t blame the majority for this. We voted for candidates who are actually qualified.

I’m sorry.

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