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In This Ad, Hillary Nails Down The Message That Will Get Her To The White House

The evidence that Donald Trump is not fit to lead the free world is just too overwhelming to be ignored. He is a narcissistic, thin-skinned bully, a serial liar, a man who shows not the slightest respect for the office to which he aspires.

However, for the past three weeks, in the media and online, conservative critics of Trump have been met by the response, “Oh, so you want Hillary, do you?” Well,
This spot from the Clinton campaign titled “Role Models,” is a powerful answer to that question.

In the ad, we observe cherubic kids as they watch TV clips of Trump saying outrageous, offensive things. A Latino child watches Trump calling Mexicans “racists”; a young girl watches a clip of Trump hating on women. Again, Trump’s own words are being used against him. And again, instead of taking our cues from that gravel-voiced announcer of yore, we’re invited to view and hear Trump’s statements through the eyes and ears of the vulnerable.

It’s a powerful ad, and I expect we’ll see more of it through November.

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