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OOPS! Sean Spicer Screws Up And Accidentally Reveals That Millions Will Lose Coverage Under ‘TrumpCare’


OOPS! Sean Spicer Screws Up And Accidentally Reveals That Millions Will Lose Coverage Under ‘TrumpCare’

On Wednesday White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the new healthcare plan that Republicans put out. He was asked how many people would be covered by the plan, to which he said: it doesn’t matter how many people will be covered under TrumpCare, that “is not the question.”

Spicer tried blaming Obamacare in a weird rant that proved he knows nothing about not having insurance, that a lot of people have cards under Obamacare, but get no care. He came to the conclusion that, “How many people are going to get the care they need?”

Obviously this is not true. People had cards that didn’t work before the Affordable Care Act, back when insurance companies could take our money and then decide not to provide the coverage we paid for when we got sick.

Spicer was also asked if lawmakers “can … really have the kind of sympathy and empathy for individuals who may not benefit nearly as much when they’re negotiating these plans.”

“In what respect?” Spicer asked.

“You’re fine,” the reporter went on, gesturing to Spicer. “You’re covered.”

That’s when Spicer went on to lie again. “First of all, I’m not fine,” Spicer answered. “Because of ObamaCare, premiums on everybody have gone up. No. Regardless of what you pay, federal employees make a contribution to their health care plan as well. And I think all premiums have increased, whether you’re in an employer-based system or not.”

The Republicans have been hit hard by Twitter users for their new healthcare plan:


What is incredibly contradicting about this plan is that Trump promised to take care of everybody, but it doesn’t seem that way.

“I am going to take care of everybody…everybody’s going to be taken care of, much better than they’re taken care of now” and “the government will pay for it” Trump said.

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