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The Orange Man Is Stealing More Money From You Than You Know. This Proves It


The Orange Man Is Stealing More Money From You Than You Know. This Proves It

Donald Trump loves to take time off and visit his properties, at least the data acquired by The Washington Post proves that.

According to The Post, Trump spends every 2.8 days at a Trump-branded property. This weekend just marked the tenth weekend in a row that Trump visits one of his properties. That means that out of the 12 weeks that he has been president 10 of those weekends were spend at a Trump-branded property.

Out of the ten times that he’s made trips nine of those times Trump spent it golfing. This weekend also marked the sixth time in a row that he takes a golfing trip.


Remember when Trump would criticize President Obama for taking to many golfing trips?

Well, if we compare the two, Obama golfed once every 8.8 days over the eight years that he was president. That’s a big difference between Trump golfing every 5.6 days.

Trump has spend a total of 28 days in his properties, that’s more than 33% of the time that he’s been in office.


The worst part about all his vacationing is the money that it’s costing taxpayers. Each weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers an estimated $2 million. And considering the extended trip this week for the Xi visit certainly cost more, taxpayers have spent a pretty penny for Trump to vacation all the time

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