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Ouch! Mark Cuban Just Hit Trump With An Emphatic Punch Of Insults

Mark Cuban, while not a liberal, has criticized Donald Trump on politics and even supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in last year’s Presidential Campaign.

This time Cuban expressed that his hate for Trump is not about politics, he really does not like Trump.

The Dallas Mavericks owner spoke with the Daily Beast and said:

“Trump is an idiot. I’ll support a ham sandwich over an idiot.”

Cuban sees Trump simply as an “idiot” that should not be running the White House.

“I can fight attempts to regulate. I can lobby whatever. I can’t fight stupidity. I can’t stop a moron that didn’t think it prudent to read about the relationship between China and the DPRK. Or might drop bombs that causes a war because it was harder to figure out than he thought. We can change tax law. We can’t change stupid.”

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