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Out Of The Blue: Trump Blurts Out Random ‘Stable Genius’ Tweet And People Are Scratching Their Heads

Internet users are scratching their heads on Saturday morning after President Donald Trump fired off a random tweet praising himself as a “stable genius” and then saying “Thank you” to himself.

It’s currently unclear exactly what triggered Trump to send the bizarre tweet. But the president does have a habit of amplifying things that are said on Fox News via his Twitter account.

Trump followed it up with two tweets saying the same thing just seconds apart.

Trump called himself a “very stable genius” several times. He also claimed his “two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.” In May of this year, he upped the ante by calling himself “an extremely stable genius” at a White House event.

His brazen claim predictably set Twitter on fire.

What is your response?

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