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Panicked GOP Donors Are Jumping Off The Trump Train As Economy Plummets, Urge Another Republican To Unseat Trump


On Wednesday, former Republican Senator Jeff Flake spoke with the Washington Post and revealed that Donald Trump’s path to reelection will be nearly impossible.

Flake told the Post that he has received multiple calls from nervous Republican donors who fear that the slowing and shrinking economy under Trump will doom the GOP in 2020 – and they’re looking to find a primary challenger to unseat Trump.

“They are wondering, if the economy isn’t stellar next year, how is the party going to win?” Flake said. “By the president offending more people?”

According to the donors, Trump’s only chance of winning is a strong economy. If he doesn’t have that then he stands no chance.

Some donors even asked Flake if he would personally considered running a primary challenge against the president, but he said he does not want to run right now and admitted that the odds of such a challenge succeeding are slim to none.

“I haven’t changed my mind and this is still the president’s party,” he said. “That’s the case right now.”

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